women of palestine – christmas appeal 2016

Advent is a time of waiting and hoping. At Christmas and Advent 2016, we will be remembering the long wait of the Women of Palestine – waiting for freedom, waiting to gain their rights.

women of palestine

Advent is a time of waiting and hoping. At Christmas and Advent 2016, we will remember the long wait of the Women of Palestine.

Waiting for freedom. Waiting to gain their rights:

  • the right to freedom of movement, so that women in Gaza will be able to get the breast cancer treatment they need but is currently denied them
  • the right to live in their homes without the constant fear that it will be demolished by the Israeli Army
  • the right to freedom of expression for the young women growing up on the West Bank.

Please help our partners in Gaza and the West Bank to support the women of Palestine:

  • £40 could pay for a toilet and a bag of cement as we help rebuild a home
  • £60 could support a woman in Gaza to attend breast cancer screening
  • £130 could pay for the water tank that all Palestinian homes need

the right to freedom of movement
 – breast cancer screening, gaza city

The Al Ahli Hospital breast screening programme raises awareness and breaks the taboos of breast cancer for women and men in Gaza and is seeking to expand the services available to women there.

I was so scared about going for a test when I found a lump that I did not tell anyone. When I found that I was OK I decided to tell my family and now I help others by telling them of my experiences and encouraging them to get tested.

Please watch a short film about our work in Gaza.

the right to live without fear
– home rebuild – 2017

Amos partners with Holy Land Trust to rebuild homes demolished by the Israeli Army – you can join our latest rebuild in April 2017.

Even though we still worry the soldiers may come, no woman on earth was as happy as when the house was built and I went in for the first time.
Miriam – after Amos supporters helped rebuild her home in 2015

Please watch a short film about the Amos Home rebuild programme.

the right to freedom of expression
– women’s empowerment, bethlehem

The women’s empowerment program is designed to educate, develop and inspire young women into leaders and to enhance the capabilities and psychological resilience of young Palestinian women so that they can claim the future they long to see.

I felt that I am a human who has a space to give something to the community. The course helped me realise my presence, my value, my importance and that I could do something.

Please support the Women of Palestine this Christmas by:

Thank you.

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